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Types of Accounts

Savings Accounts

A share account is a savings account and the basis of your membership. With a minimum account, you become a shareholder/owner of the credit union.

We take special care of our younger members. Find out about specific youth accounts that are fun and help save for the future!

A variety of insured certificate options are available with maturities ranging from 6 months to 30 months.

  • Regular Share Account
  • Additional Savings Accounts (02-08)
  • Youth Accounts
  • Certificate Programs

Checking Accounts

We offer interest bearing and non-interest bearing checking accounts. A low minimum balance will allow you to avoid a monthly service fee with interest bearing, while the non-interest bearing has no minimum balance requirement.. You get a carbonless copy of each check written and monthly statements. Your ATM card and Visa debit card also can access your checkbook funds. And you can reorder checks online!

Club Accounts

A good idea is a planned savings program designed for special occasions. A great way to lighten the expenses incurred for the holidays, weddings, vacations, tuition, etc. is to open a club account. Club accounts are perfect for segregating money until you need it!

Money Market Checking

Always working to keep your share draft or checking account above zero? Why not turn your account around and put it to work for you. With our money market accounts, your money earns the interest of an investment without getting tied down. Come see us about starting your own money market account today.

Money Market Checking Account Features:

  • 1 Box (50) Money Market Checks provided free of charge per year
  • Maximum of 6 transactions (withdrawals) per month which includes a limit of 3 checks per month
  • $1.00 charge per transaction exceeding monthly limit
  • Service charge of $5.00 if account balance drops below minimum balance of $2,500 anytime during the month
  • Dividends are paid monthly

IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts)

We have an IRA program you can invest in to shelter and tax-defer your earned income. No start-up costs are required. An annual maintenance fee of $50.00 will be assessed. In addition to regular IRAs, we offer Roth and Educational accounts.As of August, 2018, no new IRA accounts will be added; but we will continue to service the accounts currently open.